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Wine Tasting

Stop by The Cellar any Wednesday or Friday 5 - 7 pm and find out why we’re the best place to buy wine in Huntsville!

For $10 you can taste anywhere from 6 to 15 wines varying in price from $8 - $100 and up!  Want a great way to learn about wine and not waste money buying a bottle that just isn’t exactly what you wanted.  To top it off, you get a $5 rebate on anything you purchase that night - now that’s a real bargain!

Sign up for our e-mail and you will get a lineup of what we’ll be tasting that night.  Our Wine Reps usually provide tasting notes and can answer questions about the wines they are pouring.

Occasionally, we add to the fun, by having a blind tasting or a theme tasting (like Vampire wines on Halloween).  It’s a very casual event, not stuffy or pretentious and a great way to start an evening.

Still a little nervous about your first tasting, don’t be and to help ensure it is a great experience look over the Wine 101 and Tasting Etiquette pages.  After these quick notes you are sure to find your first wine tasting a wonderful experience.

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The Wine Cellar    2304 Whitesburg Dr S.    Huntsville AL 35801    Phone: (256) 489-9463

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