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Bottle and Brush

Join local artist, Rhonda Mitchell, to let out your inner artist.  You can buy a bottle (starting as low as $9.00) or glass of wine at the Cellar*, if you prefer something non-alcoholic you can bring anything you like, then Rhonda will guide you thru a painting step by step.  You’ll leave with your own painting!!  This is for all levels of students from those who have never picked up a paint brush to those people who have painted before and just want to have some fun while painting.  A fun way to celebrate a birthday, family party, couples supper club of just a get together with friends.
Supplies are included, prices range from $30 - $45.  Call or e-mail the Cellar to add your name to the B&B e-mail list!

Look for the New Bottle and Brush Web Site Coming Soon!!

* For those of you familiar with Bottle and Brush you may remember that you use to be able to bring you own bottle of wine.  The ABC board as informed us that all alcohol consumed must be purchased at the Wine Cellar.

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The Wine Cellar    2304 Whitesburg Dr S.    Huntsville AL 35801    Phone: (256) 489-9463

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